1. 6 Reasons To Order Our Italian Delivery

    While most of us New Yorkers love to cook and know our way around the kitchen, sometimes even a master chef deserves a break. Even if you aren’t an expert cook, sometimes you simply don’t want to go out to a restaurant for dinner, and thanks to our Italian delivery, you don’t have to! The foll…Read More

  2. Best Occasions For Italian Catering

    Great events need great food. This combination is one as old as time because food brings people together in a way unlike anything else — especially delicious and authentic homemade food. Nowadays, it can be difficult to discern what type of food is best fit to be catered for your special events. M…Read More

  3. 6 Cheeses You’ll Want To Try On Pizza

    Welcome to La Capannina’s blog about all things pizza and Italian! We’re glad you’re here. At La Capannina in Holtsville, we’re passionate about Italian food and culture, especially when it comes to pizza. In our blog posts, you’ll learn more about the history of pizza, traditional and unu…Read More