Great events need great food. This combination is one as old as time because food brings people together in a way unlike anything else — especially delicious and authentic homemade food.

Nowadays, it can be difficult to discern what type of food is best fit to be catered for your special events. Many people stick with the basics — ordering pre-made sandwiches or something of the sort.

While this may be sufficient for filling up your guests, it does not provide the comfort and satisfaction of a homemade dish.

Here at La Capannina, as you may know, we take pride in serving up delicious, authentic Italian food. However, this is not just limited to dining in our Italian restaurant. We believe in bringing the gourmet experience of dining in an Italian restaurant to any event — helping bring people together to celebrate the occasion and savor the moment with old-world recipes and homemade Italian cuisine.

The following are a few occasions that pair perfectly with Italian catering that we hope you will take into consideration when going about planning your upcoming summer events.


These times of celebration and romance are what Italian food is made for. Fill the air with the aromas of fresh ingredients and delicious wines, and you’re certainly in for an elegant and fun-filled wedding reception.

Weddings require catering that provides a multitude of options and courses at reasonable prices. Having a large amount of people with different tastes and dietary preferences can be a hassle to plan for. Italian cuisine makes it easier meeting both of these criteria with such a wide range of meals to choose from. With salad, seafood, chicken, and beef options in a variety of forms, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Family Reunions

There are few moments as special and memorable as the few times you get the entire family around the table to enjoy each other’s company. Sharing in the indulgence of delicious Italian cuisine only makes the moment that much more special — giving you something to bond over as you tell stories and catch up with your loved ones. It’s even better when it’s a homemade Italian meal from La Capannina.

Italian catering provides something for the whole family as the meals can be as elegant or basic as you desire. Mom and grandma can get their favorite pasta with a delicious wine pairing while the kids can get their favorite pizza, spaghetti, or even mozzarella sticks for those picky eaters.

Corporate Events

Instead of the typical sandwich box, give your employees or clients a meal they will truly appreciate. With our catering, you can now get the full effect of wining and dining your business partners at a gourmet Italian restaurant right at the office.

Eating together is supposed to provide a sense of community, but it takes quality food to make this possible. By providing gourmet Italian food options for your corporate events, you provide options that are pleasing to everyone and show that you truly care. It can even help increase the morale and unification in the office by having people come together to enjoy a delicious meal together.

These are just a few of the wide variety of events that gourmet Italian catering pairs great with. If you are looking for an Italian restaurant to cater your next special occasion in the Holtsville or Wainscott area, fill out the form below or give us a call today to discuss how we can be of service!

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