Monday Night is Pasta Night

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Wednesday Night is Chicken Night

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Friends & Family Take-out Packages

There’s nothing more important to Italians than family and we understand the importance of having a special and quiet dinner with the family who means the most to you. That’s why we created take-out packages so that you can enjoy our homemade Italian food in the comfort of your own home.

Our two take-out packages are large enough to feed your entire party and leave them feeling satisfied. Choose from a selection of salads, entrees, and pastas that can be picked up or delivered to your home fresh and hot. Just don’t forget about the desserts! View our full menu here for a list of desserts that will perfectly complete your meal.

Package 1

Choose one from each column. Feeds 6 – 8 people.  $85.00 For Pick up and Delivery Only


Garden Salad

Caesar Salad

Sutéed Broccoli

Mixed Vegetables


Chicken Parmagiana

Sausage & Peppers

Beef & Veal Meatballs

Chicken Fancese

Eggplant Parmagiana

Chicken Marsala


Baked Ziti

Penne Vodka

Rigatoni Bolognese

Fettucini Alfredo

Spaghetti Pomodoro

Angel Hair Marinara

Package 2 – Party Heros

$22 per foot. Three foot serves 8-10. Four foot serves 12-14 Includes Potato & Macaroni Salads

Choose from:

Meatball Parmagiana

Sausage Parmagiana

Sausage & Peppers

Chicken Parmagiana

Eggplant Parmagiana

All American